Simplify calculations and your administration


It is a data module that is customizable to your specific workflows. The module is linked to the Map and Mobile Modules at the database level and is primarily intended for advanced definition and management of tasks and outputs. Based on the requirements, it makes it possible to create a structured overview of assets, contracts, allows calculation functions and interconnection of data and inputs.

Ideal for solutions for cemetery management, contract management, fees and inventory of municipal land.

  • MAP + INFORMATION SYSTEM It facilitates decision making, connects the mapping of the information system functions.
  • UNLIMITED OPTIONS FOR USE Cleerio Table application is affordable and has unlimited uses.
  • EASY CONTROL It is designed by the users themselves, therefore it has easy control and training is not necessary.
  • QUICK SHARING INFORMATION It allows you to share information without limiting the number of users.
  • SURE TIME AND MONEY Saves you time and money, speeds up your mandatory administration.
  • DATA ACTUALITY Makes order in the data and ensures their constant up-to-date.