Legacy Oil & Gas

“The innovative access to data and the online management of mining volumes in the Cleerio map information system helped us secure business from an operator of drilling rigs in Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana"

-Steve W. Schwarz, Benchmark Associates

City district of Prague 17

The map application makes available the open geodata of the Institute of Planning and Development of the Capital of Prague, harmonizing them with their own records and institute data. The application not only facilitates the property management of the city district, but also works as an ideal tool for sharing the information of the city district with the general public, civic societies, and entrepreneurs.
It considerably saves time and costs when administering the property, working with cadastral data, and managing external communication.

The application has placed 3rd in the Otakar Motejl Fund competition for the best online application with open data. Read more here!

Prosek Health Center

The health center has addressed several issues related to technology and devices placement within their facilities, as well as with the processes of maintenance and revisions. The map application has proven to be an ideal tool and help in order to get a complex overview, monitoring of the revisions needed and failure reporting. The health center management was really enthusiastic about the possibility of controling their processes directly above the detailed drawing documentation, including the equipment records, its placement, and the ground plans of all the building's storeys.


The company has long searched for a fast and efficient access to the important data concerning all of their mining areas. The clear map of mining areas provides access to the map applications of each of the places that provide detailed information to the given area. This information includes geological documentation, mining-geodetic documentation, operational documentation, plans of opening and extraction or property rights to the real estate and surrounding land. They highly appreciate the order in data, unified archiving of data, and the immediate access to all the information needed online.