Cleerio at the NCGIS Conference 2017

Cleerio is excited to announce its participation at the NCGIS 2017 Conference, Feb 22-24, Raleigh, NC. Come visit us to try our online solution for yourself and chat to us about the opportunities Cleerio can offer to you or your business! Whether you work in Local Government, Oil & Gas, Facility Management, Land Surveying or another field, if you have large quantities of data that needs visualising, we can discuss how to make Cleerio work for you.

The power of Cleerio lies in the variety of ways to use it: for each client, we customize it to maximize the client’s benefit,  and we offer tailor-made implementations for each industry, reflecting its specific needs and challenges.  

Come learn more about us to NCGIS Conference, and participate in our business card draw at booth 10. We have very special prizes prepared for you - follow our Facebook, Twitter of LinkedIn to learn more! 

Looking forward to seeing you there!