An application that makes it easy to manage and record any property


Cleerio provides asset data visualization using digital maps, allowing users to quickly understand asset health and prioritize work based on real priorities. Asset relationships and dependencies can be defined allowing you to simulate the impact caused by service disruption resulting in improved planning. Field technicians can work on-site fulfilling inspection requests and work-orders. With our open API, Cleerio can be integrated into existing solutions allowing you to have a fully customized experience. Whether you simply need to track geographically dispersed assets or a more complex solution requiring field work management and integration with your existing tools, Cleerio adapts to your needs.

  • INTUITIVE AND USER-FRIENDLYNo extensive training required, anyone can use the application easily
  • UNIQUE VISUALISATION OF DATACombines data from various sources into one comprehensible application
  • EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACESingle view for all available data and information
  • OUTDOOR AND INDOORFrom vast land tracts to the precise location of any facility detail
  • UNLIMITED DATAWork with data in any format and from any source
  • ATTRACTIVE PRICINGNo licensing; software as a service (SaaS)
  • UNRESTRICTED ACCESSRuns on all web browsers, PCs, tablets and smartphones, both in the office and on-site in the field
  • COMPLETE OPENNESSIn terms of data, architecture, integration into business processes and open software platform