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Does your business include work with location data?
Are you a land surveyor or civil engineering company?
Do you want to increase revenues and reduce internal costs?

Increase your profits by offering CLEERIO GIS services at affordable price to all your customers. Whether you're a service provider, consultant, integrator or developer, our partner program is custom designed to suit you.

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We'll work with you to make sure our geospatial solution helps you
get the most out of your data for your client.

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We firmly believe that Cleerio can help you expand your services and grow your business

Your clients will love what Cleerio offers

  • It’s easy to use. Our system is intuitive and easy to use with minimal training, providing a single view for all available information and attribute layers for both outdoor and indoor locations. We will show you how the system works, and provide support whenever you need it, including automatic updates of software and data.
  • It’s affordable. Cleerio’s web-based, open-source platform is attractively priced, with no end-user licensing fees and a format that allows an unlimited number of users. No need to buy an expensive GIS license that must be renewed every year.
  • It’s mobile. Our user-friendly mobile application allows information to be collected and shared from the field on any mobile device. Important data fits in your clients’ pocket, and can be accessed even in remote areas thanks to the app’s offline mode. Cleerio runs on all web browsers, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

What Cleerio Can do for You

  • Become a market leader. Map applications are on the rise and growing in demand. You can be among the first in the U.S. to offer Cleerio’s solution to your market.
  • Expand your knowledge. We do the training; you reap the benefits. You’ll have the knowledge and capability to bring to your customers an affordable solution not available elsewhere.
  • Add value. Offer Cleerio to your clients as an affordable, easy-to-use option to your services. Your business will evolve from a data provider to an information system provider, helping you to attract new clients and better serve existing ones.

Call us now +1 (800) 207-5976 or leave your phone number and we’ll call you back
to offer you a free consultation and let you try Cleerio with your customer’s data at no cost to you.

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Our applications combining the visual power of maps with the efficiency of data management systems

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We’ll call you back and let you try Cleerio with your customer’s data at no cost to you.