CLEERIO na konferenci ISPRS

The world´s largest congress focused on photogrammetry and remote sensing of the Earth took place for the first time in one hundred years on the territory of the Czech Republic this year, and CLEERIO was there!

More than 2 000 visitors from all over the world came together to the one-week congress to the Prague Congress Centre. There was a countless number of expert talks and workshops to be seen. Among the papers it was possible to see more than one hundred of company stands, including Cleerio.

The program started already outside where the Cleerio team was welcoming the newly coming visitors and invited them to see their stand inside the congress center. There the guests could refresh themselves with a cool draft beer, and the company owner, Ladislav Čapek, together with the other members of the team, introduced the Geo-Asset management in the map application and then demonstrated its use on a tablet.

There was a friendly atmosphere at the stand, and the reactions to the displayed map application from the visitors were mostly positive. “We have plenty of potential partners from all over the world, and more than 100 new contacts!”, Ladislav Čapek was crowing with delight after the congress.
Watch the video.