Cleerio to connect with BIO-NEXUS

The companies will complement each other especially in the product and sales area. The new connection should bring a comprehensive solution for clients and access to new areas.  Both BIO-NEXUS and Cleerio are an important part of Springtide Ventures portfolio within the KKCG group. 

„It´s a great opportunity to mutually strengthen both product portfolios – BIO-NEXUS has a mobile workflow engine and Cleerio a mapping solution and together they constitute a comprehensive solution for digitizing field workflows,” says Michal Tománek, Investment Director who is responsible for Springtide Ventures within the framework of the KKCG Group.

Thanks to the new partnership Cleerio will gain access to new territories such as Australia or Singapore which are already served by BIO-NEXUS. Furthermore BIO-NEXUS will have the office in the EU thanks to Cleerio. The new CEO of both companies will be Ztiki Fuchs, current CEO of BIO-NEXUS. Czech and Slovak operations will be newly headed by Josef Havaš who will be the regional COO. Ladislav Čapek who led Cleerio until now has decided to leave the company.

„This will be a next step both for BIO-NEXUS and Cleerio. I believe that we can complement each other in many different ways, grow together and bring the best out of it,” adds Ztiki Fuchs, the new CEO of Cleerio and BIO-NEXUS.

Springtide Ventures, a venture capital fund and a member of the KKCG Group, acquired a stake in Bio-Nexus in July 2016. BIO-NEXUS is an innovative Israeli IT company, which develops innovative and unique technologies by combining the most modern developments, such as embedded reality, with intuitive solutions guiding field personnel through their tasks and workflows. The company currently focuses on three main industry verticals: large industrial sites (Care-Nexus), emergency medical services (Bio-Nexus Medical) and airliners (Aero-Nexus).

Cleerio, formerly Geosense, is bringing high quality map information systems to clients in the public and private sector.  The company’s focus is on usability, easy access to data and interoperability with other solutions.

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