Learn about the benefits of partnering with us

Are you capturing data for your customers?

Deliver your data and services with an online map information system that will exceed your customer’s expectations. Have full control over your data - its input, display and management. Our system:

Our system:

  • Is compatible, intuitive and easy to use.
  • Runs in the cloud so it doesn't require the installation of additional software
  • Offers a mobile application with offline support

Do you want to earn more money and lower your cost?

Add a broader range of services. Your customers will inevitably ask you to add more items to their map application, thus increasing your runrate business

New market segments. Use the product's unlimited potential to tap into new market segments such as outdoor and indoor asset management, utilities, and safety.

Receive comprehensive support including data import and assistance with building custom solutions.

Are you or your employee a GIS expert?

Are you or your employee a GIS expert?
Earn even more by providing OpenSource and QGIS expertise (we'll teach you), turning the system into a full-fledged GIS.

Reach customers who use a heavy legacy GIS with a set of tools that provide much of its functionality for free ‒ with your services, on top.

Time is money ‒ save both. We are easy to deal with, our pricing and your commission are simple, straightforward, and very competitive. Contact us today.

How can you benefit?

Partnership benefits

Increase your profit while lowering the costs
  • Unlimited number of users
  • No licencing, software as a service (SaaS)
  • Online publication and remote administration reduces time requirements and internal costs
Gain a competitive edge
  • Expand your services and become more valuable for your existing customers
  • Move on from being a data provider to an information system provider
  • Enhance your know-how
Remain at the forefront of industry technology
  • Cloud map applications on the rise: join a rapid growth business
  • Our solution can be used offline, on-site and directly in the field thanks to our mobile application
Boost your
  • Gain extensive knowledge
  • Increase the value and quality of your business
  • Use the product's unlimited potential to tap into new market segments
Collaboration made simple
  • Partner business & technical support
  • Transparent pricing models with no license or associated fees
  • Easy administration


View, search and edit data with ease